Driller - Land Operations

Job Title Vacancy ID
Driller - Land Operations TR2023-DLO
Salary/Rate Job Type
Consultant Department

Job Description

Responsible for the operation of the drill floor including draw works, mud circulating systems, rotary system, BOP equipment and supervision of the Drilling crew.
Key Accountabilities

Ensures that drilling operations are conducted in accordance with company QHSE Policies and Procedures, Operational Procedures and meet with contractual obligations. This should be reflected in the Hazard Analysis and Risk Control and in Prevention and Mitigation Measures.
The Driller is empowered and encouraged (he has the right and the responsibility) to “Stop the Job” if he feels that he has not received adequate specific instructions pertaining to the job task, does not know how to carry out a task or if he feels it is unsafe to proceed for any reason. He must report to the ARS / RS.
The Driller is individually responsible and accountable for complying with company QHSE Policies, Requirements, Procedures, Standard Work Instructions, and Check Lists when conducting company Business and Operations.
Lead by example, enforce and encourage his crew, in the STOP process and implementation of the QHSE Policies and Procedures.
The Driller is encouraged to suggest improvements to existing standards, processes, and systems. AAR in the JSA.
Inform ARS / RS of any incidents, potential hazards or abnormal situations.
Read, understand, and comment on the Well Program, Game plan, and SID’s.
Plan, organize and manage work for the drill crew.
Plays an active part in Weekly Safety Meetings, Daily Pre-Tour safety meetings and Tool Box meetings.
Responsible for the coaching and mentoring of the new people in his crew.
Must be familiar with the SAP system for Preventive Maintenance jobs. Plan ahead equipment maintenance that could be limited due to operational constraints. Liaise with Tool pusher for inspections on equipment if needed.
Responsible for the DROPS Procedure to be carried out in his area of responsibility ensurimg inspections and frequencies meet the minimum requirements. Reporting deficiencies immediately to ARS / RS.
Policies, Systems, Processes & Procedures

Follow all relevant departmental policies, processes, and procedures so that work is carried out in a controlled and consistent manner.
Contribute to cost-efficient usage of all applicable resources to reduce unnecessary expenses.
Health, Safety, & Environment (HSE)

Adhere to all relevant QHSE procedures, instructions, and controls so that AD provides a safe, secure and environmentally responsible service to customers, the public, and its own people

Desired Qualities/Qualifications

Education / Qualifications:

Minimum High School Certification.

Well Control Certification - minimum Driller Level 3 IWCF or IADC driller level.
H2S (OPITO Certification).
HUET (OPITO Certification)(Offshore Rigs).
Stuck Pipe Certification would be an added advantage.
Drilling Practices Certification would be an added advantage.
Relevant Experience - Minimum/Skills:

Minimum 6 years of experience in drilling operations with minimum of 3 years in land operations.
Operate drilling equipment as required in the well program that complies with company’s policies and procedures.
Intermediate English Language skills - Read, Write, Speak and Understand English.
Good communication and interpersonal skills.
Computer literate and ability to operate MS Office software. (Tracking Ton Miles, Pump Hours, Rotating Hours etc)
Demonstrate commitment for protection of the environment.
Provide leadership

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