ISO 9001:2008

In early 2012 Tulloch Recruitment Ltd rolled out various improvements to its internal Quality Management System (QMS) with the aim of further improving operational efficiency and enhancing customer satisfaction. 

Tulloch Recruitment Ltd’s QMS has been certified under ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) 9001:2008 since August 2012 and forms an integral part of the company’s underpinning quality framework.  We continue to review our QMS, make improvements, and aim to achieve ISO 9001:2015 accreditation by the end of 2017.

The Directors chose to pursue ISO Accreditation over any other quality standard as ISO 9001 is by far the world’s most established quality framework (currently being utilised across 178 countries) and as such demonstrates to Tulloch Recruitment Ltd’s international client base that the business not only possesses the expertise/experience to deliver a first class recruitment service but also has strong roots, which are determined by a certified third party to meet the required standards set out by ISO 9001, ensuring that a ‘Quality’ service is consistently delivered to our clients.

Compliance with ISO 9001 is led by senior management and the importance of quality is fundamental to the Group’s culture and values.  We are proud to have achieved ISO 9001 accreditation and in the interest of ensuring that we continue to improve as a business would urge both our clients and candidates to contact us with any feedback which may enable us to improve our service in the future.