Phosphatising Technician

Job Title Vacancy ID
Phosphatising Technician TR2019164
Salary/Rate Job Type
£13-£13.50 Permanent
Consultant Department

Job Description

Performs and controls the operating of phosphatising pipe ends and couples ; monitoring the process of preparing consumables in a safe and efficient manner according to applicable procedures, complying with defined quality standards.
Main Activities:
• Execute set up and changeover of machines
• Perform machine operations
• Load and unload products in process
• Control the operations of degreasing, rising , pickling and prefluxing of pipes
• Carry out pipe movements
• Check both parameters of temperature and concentration
• Controls immersions number and duration
• Perform pipes visual inspection
• Maintain chemical baths
• Carry out pipe tests where applicable
• Changes and controls consumables insuring their availability
• Make decision on approving or rejecting pipes based on quality requirements
• Assist the machine lock outs with maintenance and tag outs
• Update information in tracking system

Desired Qualities/Qualifications

• Health and safety and environment
• Quality System
• Operations on the job training
• Product inspection when applicable
• Profile requirements:
• Completed High school or 5 years minimum company experience

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