Mud Engineers/Drilling Fluids Specialists

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Mud Engineers/Drilling Fluids Specialists TR2019158
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TBD Contract
Consultant Department
Donna Stables Engineering

Job Description

Experienced Mud Engineers/Drilling Fluids Specialists required on an adhoc basis to support our client’s operational needs through quarters 3 and 4 of 2019.  Successful candidates will be directly responsible for safely and efficiently managing wellsite operations relevant to the drilling fluids system.  Applicants should have an in-depth understanding of the drilling fluids system chemistry; be capable of properly testing and maintaining the properties of the drilling fluids system without supervision, and as per the customer’s requirements; be capable of making recommendations to address hole cleaning issues or lost circulation events; and be capable of managing the drilling fluids system during well control conditions.

Responsibilities and Duties

Quality & HSE
• Complies with all company and regulatory quality, HSE and IT standards and policies
• Wears all personal protective equipment (PPE) as required and maintains required quality and HSE certifications
• Takes proactive measures to eliminate safety hazards by performing an appropriate risk analysis (i.e. HARC, JSA) before each job or task

General Drilling Concepts
• Knowledgeable regarding drilling rig types, rig components and rig component functions
• Knowledgeable on drilling operations (i.e. drilling, tripping pipe, running casing, cementing, completions, etc.)
• Knowledgeable on the drilling fluids circulation system, its components, and each component’s function

Drilling Fluids Systems
• Knowledgeable on the properties of the mud (i.e. solids calculations, fluid chemistry, etc.)
• Knowledgeable on the effects of the products/systems on the mud chemistry (i.e. impact on pH, calcium, alkalinity, etc.)
• Able to generate and implement the drilling fluids program through close collaboration with the Project Engineer
• Responsible for maintaining the drilling fluids system within specifications
• Able to calculate volumes (i.e. mud pits, annular, pipe capacity & displacements) without supervision
• Able to apply effective pit management principles (i.e. slugs, pills, storage, reserve, kill muds, etc.) during drilling operations
• Knowledgeable on the solids control process and equipment and able to explain how various recommendations (i.e. screen size selection, shale shaker settings, etc.) will impact the drilling fluid properties and/or efficiency of solids removal
• Responsible for making appropriate recommendations that will prevent or address different hole problems (i.e. sloughing shales, gumbo shales, abnormal pressures, faults, etc.) encountered during drilling operations
• Responsible for making appropriate recommendations that will prevent or address lost circulation events (i.e. mud weight reduction in case of loses)
• Responsible for making appropriate recommendations that will minimize the impact of wellbore conditions (i.e. temperature, pressure, formation, etc.) on the drilling fluids system
• Responsible for making appropriate recommendations that will minimise the impact of contaminants (i.e. H2S, C02, water intrusion, reactive formations, cement, etc.) on the drilling fluids system
• Responsible for making appropriate recommendations related to the drilling fluids system that will improve hole cleaning efficiency (i.e. flow rates, low shear rate viscosities, RPM, ROP, etc.)
• Able to perform hydraulics calculations (i.e. annular velocity, bit hydraulics, ECD, etc.) using Virtual HydraulicsTM software without supervision
• Able to demonstrate an advanced or higher level of proficiency in the use of Virtual HydraulicsTM software
• Knowledgeable regarding the impact of particle size distribution (PSD), chemicals and contaminants on fluid loss
• Able to recognise stuck pipe incidents and select appropriate pipe release agents
• Able to identify and recognise lost circulation symptoms and select and apply appropriate remedial treatments
• Able to convert to a Lignosulfunate, Lime, Saturated Salt or Gypsum mud system without supervision
• Additional intermediate or advanced knowledge and skill requirements will apply for complex drilling operations such as those encountered in deep water

Drilling Fluids Testing & Reporting
• Responsible for validating all critical data required to complete daily reports
• Proficient with the use of daily drilling fluid reporting software and able to perform all relevant calculations
• Able to properly calibrate testing equipment as necessary without supervision
• Responsible for ensuring drilling fluids samples are collected and that all relevant drilling fluids tests are conducted properly
• Responsible for interpreting the results (i.e. noticeable trends, contaminants, etc.) of all relevant drilling fluids tests
• Able to explain the impact of hole conditions (i.e. contaminants, solids, pressure, etc.) on the drilling fluids testing results
• Responsible for making appropriate chemical treatment recommendations based on the drilling fluids testing results that will optimise drilling performance
• Responsible for ensuring that a complete recap is completed for each hole section through the end of the well
• Able to generate the drilling fluids program through close collaboration with the Project Engineer

Logistics Management
• Responsible for managing the relevant material safety data sheet (MSDS) requirements for any product shipments
• Responsible for monitoring, reporting, and maintaining an accurate inventory of products at the wellsite
• Responsible for managing the inventory of wellsite test chemicals for fluid chemical checks and able to explain the importance of shelf-life and the ordering process for replacement test chemicals
• Responsible for the accurate reconciliation of delivery/credit tickets against wellsite inventory

Desired Qualities/Qualifications

• Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, or Petroleum Engineering (or equivalent) preferred
• Minimum 2-year Associate/Technical Degree or equivalent
• Minimum 2 years’ experience
• Valid offshore training certification and OGUK medical
• Professional work ethic
• Responsible
• Self-motivated
• Effective Communicator
• Service focused
• Thinks creatively
• Takes initiative
• Adaptable
• Results focused

Successful candidates may be required to undertake additional HSE training prior to utilisation.

To apply, email your CV and certification including your date of birth and contact details of 2 referees to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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